Magee Marsh-52 project 22

Mike and I were only able to spend a couple of days up at Lake Erie for the spring migrations this year, and the weather wasn’t great…but the birding still was. I managed to get a couple of pictures that I really like.

Camp Otyokwa-52 project 20

Water was raging through camp so I took a hike to Counselor’s cave to see the falls. A week later there was a major tree fall which drastically changed the look of the area. See a future post for pictures.

Spring downtown Lancaster-52 project 19

The CWAG group went downtown to see the Art exhibit at the Decorative Arts Center. Afterwards I wandered a bit and took pictures. The Umbrellas were a recent addition, but unfortunately a windy storm took many of them down and broke the supports before I could get a picture of…

2019 Show schedule

Here is my current calendar for 2019: July 18th Art and Clay/Square 7 Coffee House 150 W. Main, Lancaster Artist Sampler and Reception 4:30-6:30 (i will have one piece there) July 19 Lancaster Festival Art Walk 6-9 pm at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church 105 E. Mulberry, Lancaster (I will also…

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