Winter Escape-La Lomita Mission, Visiting the Border 2019 52 week project #6

Mission Texas takes its name from this tiny Mission church near the Mexican border. The small park was deserted on the rainy morning that we visited, but books full of peoples prayers written in notebooks sat on the alters. Many of the prayers were for people who had passed or were ill, and many of them were actually for this tiny threatened church.
Relocated to this site in 1899, this little chapel has stood the test of time. It was recorded as a Texas Historic landmark in 1964, and entered into the National Register of Historic Places in 1975.
Its doors stand open for anyone who wants to visit. The park surrounding the church offers picnic areas and is bordered with trees that support the local wildlife. It is treated with reverence by those who visit, and right now its biggest threat is coming from our Federal government.
If a wall is built through this area, the church will be on the Southern side. In this interracial town, people would have to get permission to visit, and would have to bring their passports or papers with them to attend the worship services that still occur here.

You can read more about this church here.

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