Seating and the beginnings of a Van Kitchen

We have some grown children and wanted to be able to take them along on some trips so we got a bench seat installed. We found a company selling seats on E-bay and arranged to get them installed with rails that allow it to be removed. In hind sight, a two piece seat,a single and a double side by side would have been better as this seat is very heavy and hard to move.

Installed bench seat
Bench seat installed, and silver reflectix and pink foam insulation is installed behind cabinets.
Screens have been added to the dog crates and the first “kitchen” cabinet is installed.
Head room for the slant of the seats is considered, resulting in a rather strange layout. Shelves and Drawer sliders are installed. 1/4 bolts are used to attach the cabinets to the van structure. Special inserts are used in the pre-drilled holes in the van which allow the use of the machine bolts.
We have a cook top in the drawer, Microwave above , and an outlet to power them wired to an outlet at the back of the van so we can plug in to cook. We have since rewired most of this so that we can run these off of battery power.
We also added a slant cabinet to angle the cushions while seated and support the future bed platform. Plastic tubs were used temporarily for storage and strapped into place with a set of bungee cords
Cushions in place
Someone still gets to sleep on the ground with the dogs…
But we can’t complain about the view from our “hotel” room. Holland State Park in Michigan on our tour around the lake.

You can see my lighthouse pictures from that trip here.

We had great weather until we got to my dad’s house in Northern Illinois. The house was ready to sell and the walk through was that coming Monday so we stopped by to pick up a few last things and a huge storm flooded the area. Some quick work diverting water and watching drains and it all worked out though.