365…366 for 2016. Please help.

As many of you know, in October of 2013 I started my first 365 project. It was a strict 365, meaning that I took pictures every day and posted one(sometimes more) of them every day on FaceBook. Last year I did a “relaxed” 365. I took pictures with the goal of having one for each day of the year. I posted the first few months on my website, but fell behind in posting them. They will hopefully be up in the next week. I am also making a calendar with them-yes, I know I am behind, but I did manage to choose 365 pictures for the collection.

For this year I am going to return to the strict interpretation of a 365-taking a picture every day. Of course this year we have 366 days, so extra credit…Yay.

I had the idea that some of you may be able to help me. A few years back my sister had mentioned she would like a picture of Chichory and Queen Anne’s lace growing together. When I was working on my first 365 she reminded me again and I was able to get the picture for her.

Do you have a picture you have been looking for? Something to match your decor or a theme in one of your rooms? Please send me your requests and I will attempt to get some pictures for you. You will be under no obligation to purchase any prints, but they will be made available to you. This will also help me focus on taking pictures that other people may want.
Keep in mind that I may not be able to honor your request, and most of my photography is nature, garden, wildlife, etc. but trying new things is fun too.

I will also let people know when I am planning on visiting a certain area so you can offer ideas of what you would like to see from there.
You can post requests on my FaceBook page, PM me or send an e-mail through my website contact me page. I look forward to your ideas,



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