Rock House

I am sitting at Panera eating a bagel and listening to pipped in music. The plan is to write about my recent trip to Rock House with my fellow PreservArt Ohio photographer Sue Finch. It has been a month or so since my last photo hike. A not so graceful tumble at my own home left me with a dented behind and bruised pride. I was ready to get moving.

With an eye of the tiger attitude I put my camera in the back of Sue’s Prius and nodded to her husband, Mike. We were on a mission to get a great low light picture of the inside of The Rock House.

Rock House was used by ancient Indians as shelter and now is a tourist attraction. It is a marvelous place to take the family.

The trick to getting the shot is to get there after sunup and before the tourists, families, and yoga people. We didn’t beat the yoga people. They are just so fit and happy early people. They don’t seem to want to rush. They also don’t understand the light issues that we have to work with. I am an artist, dang it. How can I work like this?

We walked into the cave and realized that we forgot it is dark in the cave and we didn’t bring flashlights. It is strange how low light photography works like that. The yoga people didn’t forget. They had light and happy early people attitude.

I should take up yoga. Add it to the list.

It is a good thing that Mike is always prepared and had an app for the situation. I am glad he was there. I was in no position to re-dent my behind.

We set up our cameras and worked on our shots. I think it was a success. The PreservArt Ohio artists overcame poor memory, low light, yoga people, and got the shot. It is a great feeling when the prey that you capture is the beauty of Ohio.

Rock House Gallery

2016-09-25 Rock House

2016-09-25 Rock House Artist Julia Burnside

Two Doorways Artist Sue Finch

Two Doorways Artist Sue Finch

Julia is a writer and photographer that likes hiking Ohio’s natural areas and not denting her behind in the process.

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