Our Artists

PreservArt Ohio is a collaboration of artists with a love of photography and the outdoors. Our pictures call attention to natural areas and preserves that are all around us. This exploration of the often overlooked helps us engage more deeply with the natural world and capture the details and unique perspectives that encourage viewers to pause and look at the world around them. Our photographs are a contemplation of nature and how it touches the human soul.

Recently we have focused on the Ohio State Nature Preserves and Parks system. Our choice of subject comes from our interest in the emotional connections to the natural beauty of the world we inhabit. Our goal is to capture the candid moments in nature, fleeting and soon gone, in order to preserve them for others to enjoy.

PreservArt Ohio is committed to building awareness and appreciation for our Ohio Nature Preserves through our photography. Light and composition will inspire you to walk a new path and find your own special moments in these beautiful natural areas.

Our work can be found on Facebook, Twitter, or at our online galleries. Please visit us, find an image that inspires you, and make a purchase to help us continue the journey.
You can see more of our artists work on their individual websites.

Julia Burnside

Sue Finch